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Our SuccessMap™ Services

Every organization faces unique challenges and opportunities at some point in its life cycle. Our insights, leadership and depth of experience are especially valued at times of organizational change and transition. We focus on finding efficient and realistic solutions, which immediately set the company into positive action and enable employees to adapt easily to changing processes. Our SuccessMap™ services include the following:

Strategic and Revenue Planning

Aurora Consulting Group specializes in SuccessMapping™, an integrated strategic planning process that ensures sustainable success for organizations. We write leading edge, detailed Strategic and Revenue Plans that create a clear and realistic path to long-term financial sustainability for the organization. Aurora Consulting Group has maintained an exceptional track record with measurable results for over 120 clients across Canada.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Plan Authoring, Design and Publication
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Organizational Analysis (“SWOT” Analysis)
  • Vision/Mission Creation
  • Competitor and Industry Analysis
  • Political, Economic, Social, Technology, and Environmental Assessment
  • Key Performance Indicator Development
  • Integrated Balanced Scorecard Development
  • Executive Retreats and Senior Management Training
  • Board of Directors and Committee Planning & Development
  • Business Valuation and Preparation for Firm Transfer

Revenue Planning

  • Revenue Generation Plan Authoring and Design
  • Preparation of Detailed Financial Plans to Support Strategic Plans
  • New Revenue Channel Identification
  • Foundation Launch and Start Up
  • Social Enterprise Business Planning
  • Revenue and Expense Analysis and Modeling
  • Strategic Redeployment of Resources
  • Market Channel Re-development
  • Revenue Generation and Fund Raising Coaching and Training

Case for Support

  • Case for Support Authoring and Publication
  • Alignment of Case for Support with Strategic Plan
  • Revenue/Expense Analysis and Graphics


  • Brand and Image Relevance Review
  • Product and Service Relevance Review
  • Definition of Customer Value Proposition
  • Organizational Positioning
  • Brand Renewal
  • Logo Development

Sustainability Monitoring

  • Oversight of Strategic Plan Implementation
  • Coaching for CEO and Board on Implementation Issues
  • Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Change Management

At Aurora Consulting Group, we are highly experienced at working with organizations to continuously improve outcomes by linking daily activities to higher organizational purpose. Our process energizes employees, Boards of Directors and key stakeholders and renews organizational focus. Building on a deep knowledge of our client needs, we are able to provide highly customized services.

Staff Training & Development

  • Chief Executive Officer & Senior Management Team Coaching
  • Management Training
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Maximizing Team Performance
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Situational Coaching for Employees and Managers
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning & Human Resources Effectiveness

Executive & Staff Search

  • Comprehensive Confidential Recruiting Services

Board Governance

  • Governance Training for Boards of Directors
  • Governance Assessments for Board of Directors
  • Board Self Evaluation Tools
  • Board Management Tools
  • Board Policy Manual Development
  • By-law Development
  • Board Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Firm Growth and Transfer

Aurora Consulting Group assists clients to manage growth effectively using efficient and proven approaches. We also help clients to identify “if and when” they are ready for transfer with a step-by-step plan. When our clients are ready to transition toward sale or retirement, our holistic approach goes beyond accounting and legal advice, and identifies the true value of the business based on tangible and intangible factors.

Business Readiness

  • Organizational Review and assessment
  • Owner/Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Development of Management Systems and Business Processes

Business Valuation

  • Strategic, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Business
  • Documentation of assets and liabilities
  • Success Factor Ranking and Action Plans

Firm Transfer

  • Determination of timing and approach for business transfer to family or third party
  • Succession Planning
  • Connections to third parties
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