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Our Consulting Practice

Established in 1994, Aurora Consulting Group has been promoting business success across Canada for over 20 years. We work with entrepreneurial start-ups, established businesses, non-profits and associations to transform vision into sustainable reality. We guide our clients step-by-step to focus on the right priorities and strategies, using visual and easy-to-understand tools as we work with staff, Boards of Directors and external stakeholders.

As a trusted advisor, we help clients to see the current realities of internal and external issues, lending support at whatever level is required. Clients appreciate our experience and valuable insights, our passion for customer service and our flexible ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ approach. Through our innovative SuccessMap™ process, our clients become highly energized, responsive and clearly positioned for sustainable success.

Our Values

Dynamic and Progressive: We are passionate about our work and we believe that we will make a significant difference to the organizations that we work with.

Entrepreneurial and Responsive: We are action-oriented and highly responsive to the needs of our clients. We build trust with our clients and their stakeholders. We are a caring, empathetic and dedicated consulting team.

Professional Excellence: Our customers trust our firm for its excellence and reliability. We adhere to the highest standards and deliver leading-edge, visually attractive, top-quality services in all that we do.

Courageous Thinking: We are bold in our thinking and we have the moral courage to make recommendations with the highest integrity under all circumstances.

Innovation: Our visionary approach drives our success. We are constantly innovating and seeking new knowledge transfer opportunities that our clients can utilize with the highest degree of confidence.

Objectivity: We are open-minded and continually consider the differing viewpoints of our clients, including their Board of Directors, senior staff and stakeholders.

Integrity: We build and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients, abiding by the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and ethics. We are highly responsible, transparent and accountable in all of our actions and activities.

Social Responsibility: We are proud to contribute to our community in many ways and believe in supporting the success and growth of the civil society sector.

Tell us about yourself!
Tell us about yourself!