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From the initial meeting, before formal engagement, Aurora Consulting Group was part of us, framing the challenges and solutions as ‘we’ and ‘ours’ — with an understanding of our risks and opportunities, and commitment to embed themselves within their client’s reality. They facilitated a full day Board retreat and strategic planning session, with feedback ranking the day and outcomes a perfect 10/10 (ten out of ten). When the time came for us to take this initial work to the next plateau and bring together both our strategic and business plans, I called Aurora Consulting Group. You would be in great hands if you did the same.

Daniele, CEO, Markham, Ontario

ACG’s facilitation skills are excellent, with an ability to bring together many perspectives from all stakeholders in an efficient and effective way. ACG has high integrity and is comfortable navigating all issues related to Association Management. ACG has provided us with excellent written reports that serve as a valuable resource for moving our organization forward.

Christine, CEO, Toronto, Ontario

I would highly recommend the services of Aurora Consulting Group. Their approach is thoughtful, proactive and entrepreneurial. They clarified the growth issues in our software development company and immediately gained the trust of managers and employees. Aurora Consulting Group created alignment in our leadership team and was instrumental in helping us to execute a successful path forward based on our core values. They facilitated sessions across all departments in the company and served as an interim OD/HR Specialist on our Executive Team for one year.

Mike, CEO, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Aurora Consulting Group demonstrates a solid understanding of what it takes to incorporate change in an organization. Their substantial experience has taught us a great deal about personal and corporate development.

Wade, Founder and CEO, Kitchener, Ontario

Over the past few years, we have called on Aurora Consulting Group to assist us with a number of projects, including strategic planning, organizational development and facilitation, inter-departmental restructuring, and fundraising/revenue generation advice. Aurora Consulting Group has shown a strong ability to help us. As individuals, Frank and Jennifer uphold strong values, have always been reliable and delivered all projects on time and with a very high level of quality. Aurora Consulting Group has provided many important insights, which have led us to strengthen our outcomes in the community and have helped us to build strong working relationships between the different arms of our organization.

Robert, Executive Director, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I have used Aurora Consulting Group’s consulting services for many years. They are a terrific resource and are focused on helping align human resource strategies to the business. They gets results and I would call on them again in an instant.

Colleen, Executive Director, Toronto, Ontario

Aurora Consulting Group has assisted us over this past year in many ways. To begin with, Frank and Jennifer introduced us to a highly efficient and meaningful strategic planning process. This included industry analysis, financial analysis and organizational analysis, full financial projections, new vision, values, “customer commitment” and a new organizational design. Aurora Consulting also provided us with very effective recruitment services for a Plant Manager and a Logistics Manager, which is a great stride forward for us. Both of these individuals are now on permanent staff and making significant contributions to the company’s growth. Aurora Consulting Group is a very high integrity and very competent consultancy. They have truly helped us to take a holistic look at the future of our company — at a level beyond the basic planning that is normally provided by banks, financial advisors and lawyers. We are delighted to recommend Aurora Consulting Group without hesitation, and encourage you to use their services.

Ivan, Owner, North York, Ontario

Thank you so much. Your help has made all the difference. You have made roses out of hay.

Kim, Senior Manager, Aurora, Ontario

I believe yesterday went as well as I could have hoped! WELL DONE! I was delighted with the response from all who attended, and very glad that they appreciated your work and more importantly your insights and ideas for going forward! Again, much thanks for getting us this far in such a positive and proactive manner.

Larry, Executive Director, Barrie, Ontario

Aurora Consulting Group has served as Chair of our ‘National Advisory Council’ for more than 10 years. They are objective and trustworthy in facilitating sessions with our franchisees and management team. They also provide very useful reports that help us guide our business practices and priorities.

Ben, Owner, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Thank you for your support, care, expertise and wisdom. Wonderful job. It has been a very exciting year and I know that your hard work and dedication has helped to mould our board into the strong team we have today.

Peter, CEO, Newmarket, Ontario

On behalf of the Executive Team and the full Board, I want to thank you for your help in finding us our new ED. We could not have done this without you. I think she will do a great job for us and she is just what we needed at this time. I am a big believer in the notion that either through divine intervention or just good luck we find the right person at the right time for the right job and I think you have done this for us. Your support for the Centre is unmatched and very much appreciated. I look forward to our continuing relationship as we complete our new Strategic Plan and beyond.

Craig, President, Aurora, Ontario

Many many thanks for a riveting presentation. Thank you so much for a meaty, relevant, practical, thought-provoking and fascinating day! You left us encouraged and girding our loins for some serious follow through for which I think you have provided clear direction. We all wanted more and look forward to receiving the follow-up materials. Thank you for the tremendous effort you have put into helping us with our governance initiative. It has been a huge boost. If you ever need a reference for the excellent work you do, I am your person!

Deborah, CEO, Vancouver, British Columbia

Aurora Consulting Group is a really strong company that helps us with our annual business planning process as well as our market strategy. They have a wide breadth of experience. I would highly recommend them. An all round good business intellect and good people.

Phil, Owner, Aurora, Ontario

Aurora Consulting Group has provided extensive strategic planning and consulting services, which have been invaluable and culminated in a reenergized and highly focused direction for the Centre. During this time, Jennifer and Frank were highly engaged at the Board level, with Senior Management and at the political level. They provided continuous training, advice and assistance to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. Aurora Consulting Group was always available when needed. Frank and Jennifer worked at all times with the highest level of integrity and consistently provided an excellent level of service. They delivered all projects on time and frequently guided us with helpful insights. Jennifer and Frank are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them for any future consulting assignments.

Laura, Executive Director, Aurora, Ontario

This ability to ‘pull it all together’ is the magic that ACG brings to the table like no other consultants. This is no small feat in light of working with a dozen head-strong business owners. The end package highlighting summaries and action plans are tangible proof of the results achieved. In other words ACG provides a great return on your investment. During all aspects of the engagement, ACG was diligent in driving the process, follow up, addressing difficult issues and conversations, making themselves available, and offering support and guidance in a sincere objective professional manner.

Paula, Vice President, Barrie, Ontario
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