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Associations & Charitable Organizations

In these very trying times, Associations and charitable organizations are increasingly required to innovate, show transparency, demonstrate good governance, plan effectively, raise sufficient revenues, balance their budgets and attract and retain the best talent.

There are unique issues to be managed in the non-profit sector. This includes inspiring active participation from a volunteer base and bringing together differing interest groups toward common goals.

We have worked with many Boards of Directors and CEOs to create synergy and common purpose. Non-profit clients have included:

  • Associations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Public Sector Organizations
  • Unionized and Non-Unionized Environments

For our non-profit and charitable clients, we provide advice on revenue channel development and fund raising counsel to ensure organizational relevancy and financial sustainability. Drawing on our revenue generation expertise, we assist each organization to build a compelling “Case for Support” that is directly linked to the strategic plan. We are experienced in the set up and operation of successful public and private Foundations with the goal of raising significant revenues for either the parent organization or other worthy causes.

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Tell us about yourself!